Susanne Sanburn

Susanne Sanburn

431 Allston Ct. Ypsilanti, MI 48198 

Art and music have been a huge part of my life since I could walk. I'm told that I was drawing by the age of 2, and by the age of 5, I remember looking forward to Sunday mornings as that would be the day my mother would play her record albums from morning ‘til night. In college I studied art, poetry and songwriting, realizing soon after these are things I could never tire of.

This love inspired me to meld art with music. Currently, instead of starting with the visual idea for inspiration like I would do in the past, I create the visual work only after the inspiration of the written work (whether that be inspiration from my own poetry or lyrics, or from another poet/ musician/band/song title/etc.). I start with the written word (verbal communication which is how we so often as humans communicate), and end in the visual. Woop! is a good example of my working process. It began as a poem I had written:

I'm not who people say I am

I'm not who people said I was

Everything else is washed away

In Jesus Christ I trust

What I've been through and those I know

Make me what I am today

Is wisdom just

Growing old and grey?

Art and music flow through my veins

Like rain that clings to window panes

An artist but I'm not ashamed

My work is what remains

Woop! is a manifestation from the line, "An artist but I'm not ashamed". Many creative people, including artists and musicians, seem to be at war with themselves. They want to put themselves out there, revealing their souls for the world to see, but feel sick once they've done so. Woop! is the realization that I am no longer an artist at war with myself. It is also a tribute to all artists who never give up, regardless of how they feel deep down inside or how they are perceived by others.